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Broadband networks are mostly owned by for-profit service providers. Most underserved communities have only 1 or 2 providers therefore there is no incentive to provide better services at lower prices. In addition, if you can't afford broadband, you won't have access to community-based information which is now mostly online.
Without choice, citizens will continue to be forced into paying for access to the online community services the need.

eCommunity is a network that delivers service provider choice to underserved urban and rural communities. Choice enables lower cost and improved services. The network also allows citizens who can't afford broadband to access community services such as tele-education, e-government, tele-health and much, much more.
Now, regardless of your socio-economic condition, access is always available.


Whether in urban or rural, wealthy or poor communities, eCommunity delivers an open access connection to all homes, businesses and anchor institutions.


Providers don't own or control the network therefore, they must connect, and compete by offering the best services at the most competitive prices.


We form partnerships with K-12 to establish an education intranet where students/parents can access school content & engage teachers even if they can't afford internet access.


We work with local, state, national and government health institutions to enable virtual access to 24-7 healthcare resources to those who can't afford internet access.


Citizens are able to access government information, notices, and programs even if they can't afford TV and/or Internet as well as provide access to community-based email.


We colaborate with community-based organizations to help them deliver 21st century services and resouces such as e-training, e-mentoring, etc to citizen who can't afford access.

Building the Digital Road

We are working hard to build and expand eCommunity everywhere. If your community wants enhanced broadband infrastructure, provider choice and always on access to community-based services and resources, have your community leaders to reach out to us to discuss how to become an eCommunity.


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